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LASER THERAPY:from the root canal system. Laser therapy can be used which is extremely beneficial

for long term root canal success. Dental lasers can be used in virtually every phase of endodontic therapy from opening access to disinfection of canal to the final step of obturation depending upon their wavelength and affinity to tissues. It may also be used during root canal surgery for making a soft tissue incision, ablating diseased periapical tissue, amputating the root and preparing root for retrograde restoration.

Advantages: using a laser for root canal treatment is much faster i.e less time consuming because the heat from the laser effectively cleans and sterilizes the canals from bacteria, As compared to conventional treatments few follow up visits require..

COMPUTERISED ROOT CANAL TREATMENT: We use apex locator, digital x-ray, rotary instruments with endomotor-xsmart, ultra sonic irrigation with irrisafe files and endodontic laser and good quality filling materials during root canal treatment which has helped us to achieve better success rate in root canal treatments.

Advantages over conventional


  • It is safer due to improved control and files that are held firmly in the endomoter
  • It carries auto reverse/stop functions results in fast reactions.
  • Shortens the duration and visits for the treatment
  • Nickel-Titanium files are used for improved results and safety.
  • Accurate treatment